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Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms

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Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom originated from Florida, and were cultivated by the famous grower within the mycology community called Mr.G

They are  a strong cubensis, known for their intense psychoactive effects. Their onset is faster and more intense compared to other strains. Treasure Coast Shrooms are also known for being aesthetically pleasing, because of their striking white stripes which can be seen while growing. When they are matured and dried, they have golden caps and their bulb is light brown.

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Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms differ from other strains because they have a fast and robust onset. First-time users are often surprised at how fast they feel the effects, which can be felt 10-30 minutes after ingestion. This fast onset can be  described as being euphoric, happy and even may show some visualizations. After time progresses, the trip usually becomes more relaxed and “chill”. During this time thoughts of introspection as well as appreciation for art, music and nature occur.  Treasure Coast Cubensis is also noted to have very strong visuals.

Dosage depends on the  depth of trip that you wish to experience. Refer to this guide for Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Dosages:
Microdose (0.5-1gram)
Moderate Dose (2-3.5 grams)
Heavy Dose:  (4-5 grams)

For first time users, it is recommended to take a lower dose, such as 1 gram and then gradually increase their dose if required.

It is important to note that most trips will last from 3-8 hours.

Shrooms Co highly recommends purchasing a Microscale, which can measure down to the milligram for exact dosages. We have tried and tested specific brands, and we prefer the Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale, which can be found here.

How To Prepare for Your Trip With Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms
When preparing for your magic mushroom trip, it is important to trust yourself and your environment. Try to surround yourself in a safe space and be around people you feel comfortable with. When you start to feel the psychedelic effects of the Psilocybin and Psilocin, try to let go and and trust the process. Trying to resist or control your thoughts and feelings may actually be detrimental, as it can cause you to have a bad trip. Be open to the visuals and sensations that you may experience, regardless if they are strange or different at the time. Remember that magic mushroom trips are temporary, and that they have many benefits that can last a life time. So be open to the process and try to embrace all the sensations that you are experiencing.

For More Information, you can refer to our FAQ section.

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