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Shroom Tea (Pomegranate Rose Hips)


Shrooms Co Pomegranate Rose Hips Tea is made with 100% active Psilocybin and Pomegranate Rose Hips Extract.
Each package is intended to be one serving, and we suggest steeping the tea in hot water for 2-4 minutes before ingesting. We recommend using hot water and not boiling water, as boiling water will compromise the potency of Psilocybin.
Each package of Shrooms Co Pomegranate Rose Hips Tea has 1 gram of Active Psilocybin, Pomegranate Rose Hips Extract.
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Shroom Tea (Pomegranate Rose Hips)

Shrooms Pomegranate Rose Hips Tea is made up of highly active Psilocybin, Pomegranate and Rose Hips Extracts. Each package is deliberated to be one serving, and it is suggested to soak the tea in hot water for 2-4 hours before ingesting. The potency of Psilocybin will be compromised if you use boiling water, so it is recommended to use hot water, not boiling water.

There is 1 gram active Psilocybin, Pomegranate Rose Hips Extract in each package of this Psychedelic pomegranate rose hips tea.

What is Rose Hip Tea?

Technically, fresh rose hips are the accessory fruit of the rose plant. Accessory fruit refers to the formation of the flesh and how it includes other fruits like apples and strawberries for example.

Many different kinds of rose plants, including wild roses, Rosa caninas (dog rose), rose rugose (beach rose), and a variety of other rose bush plants, can produce rose hips.

Bright red and orange rose hips below the petals around the stem can be found on the rose plant itself.

Being a fruit, rose hips can be used to create herbal tea, jam, drinks, jelly, soup, marmalade, drink, pies, wine, and beer. 


Here we are going to mention various benefits of using this Psychedelic pomegranate rose hips tea. If you want an effective solution to any of the following, you can surely try the Psychedelic pomegranate rose hips tea out

  • Aids in Reducing Blood Sugar Level

It has been found by studying mice that rose tip extracts may help in controlling blood sugar levels and safeguard the liver against the growth of fat cells.

  • Weight Loss Efforts May be Accelerated By Antioxidants

Studies have proved that rose hip tea and extracts from Rosa canina can be beneficial against weight loss. According to experiments, both humans and mice have lost their weight after consuming rose hip extracts. Losing weight is not possible with any kind of supplement or essential oil. However, rose hip oil or another herbal remedy may help lose weight if followed by a proper diet and regular exercise.

  • Possible Anti-inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory properties like polyphenols and galactolipids can be found in the powerful antioxidants in the rose hip extract.

Experiments have proved that patients with osteoarthritis had a 65% reduction in joint pain after the intake of herbal extracts in comparison with the patients who didn’t take any herbal extract.

Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of rose hip extract can also help a person suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, but this has not been scientifically proven yet. 


  • May Fight Against Visible Signs of Aging

Shroom Tea (Rose Hips) oil may reduce free radical damage through its powerful antioxidant properties through lycopene, polyphenols, vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, and carotenoid astaxanthin, and this helps in reducing signs of aging. 

It has been suggested after the research that Vitamin-C and antioxidants present in rosehip powder may improve collagen development in the body and obstruct the collagen stores from decaying as well.

  • May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

Rosehip powder contains antioxidants that protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin-C can apparently improve blood flow and reduce bad cholesterol levels. So, you can lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases by using the Psychedelic pomegranate rose hips tea.


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