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Low Dose, Microdose Capsules

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3000 mg total
20 x 150 mg Capsules

These capsules are made with 100% active dried Psilocybin, Ginseng, Lions Mane, Reishi, Shitake, and Chaga.

This is the perfect blend of both medicinal and magic mushrooms so that you can receive the psychological and medicinal benefits of mushrooms. Lions mane, Reishi, Shitake and, Chaga are all known medicinal mushrooms that have bountiful benefits such as improved antioxidant uptake, immune support, increased brain cognition, and more.


All About Micro-Dosing

Micro-dosing has become a bit of a trend recently, so many people are starting it quite impulsively.  They prefer it because of its high-end benefits that cannot be denied. Some people take it very seriously that they have added the dose in their weekly schedules. It is more like buy the athletes and also, in general, be all the people. It has many benefits related to mental and physical health. It has extraordinary effects that cannot be denied in any case. The low Low Dose Microdose Capsules helps improve the immune system, activates the receptor that goes for a very particular purpose, helps decrease the symptoms of depression, and provides mental peace and calmness to the person.

Micro-dose capsules for low dosage

Price  $30
Size  20 capsules per package, each capsule is 150 mg each
Total MG   3000

These Low Dose Microdose Capsules are made of crushed dried ingredients that complement each other very effectively. These are 100% active psilocybin, ginseng, rishi, shitake, lion’s mage, and Chaga. These medicated mushrooms have many benefits and are medically recommended too. They perfectly perform the psychoactive effect. They help to cope with depression, insomnia, and brain cognition.

How to use this micro-dose capsule for perfect results?

It is recommended to take three capsules of a low dose per day. If you are a newbie and had just started micro-dosing, then also take a break after three days of use. The best thing about it is, its sow time is very. It shows its results just after 30 minutes of ingestion.

Health benefits of this low dose micro-dose capsule

Along with several side effects, there are many benefits of using this capsule. If you are facing the following issues, you can use these Low Dose Microdose Capsules but in a reasonable quantity.

Treatment of depression.

Scientists are studying the psilocybin, and they have found that it acted very positively in the out breaking therapies on the patients. Because of its psychoactive nature, it has seen that it relaxes the person’s mind and helps to lessen the depressing thoughts in the individual’s spirit. Many people are helping themselves to come out of the traumas of life with the help of this magic mushroom.

Smoking cessation and other addictions

The complete therapies of this low dose micro-dose capsule have helped many people get rid of the addiction to various addictions. They are getting help from even the initial sessions. In the course of 12 months, one can improve in this. The addiction to cocaine, heroin, and tobacco are being cured by this.

Psychological distress regarding life-threatening diseases.

People who are suffering from critical diseases like cancer in the last stages are more disturbed psychologically. They are more depressed and anxious about the next days, or you can say the remaining days of life. Magic mushrooms are beneficial in covering their anxiety and stress levels. They can easily use the low dose micro-dose capsule to cope up with their depressive situation. Their psychoactive effect activates the serotonin receptors that cause hallucinations and relax the patient’s mind and body.


150mg, 300mg

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  1. zortilo nrel

    Loving the info on this internet site, you have done great job on the articles.

  2. Holeephku (verified owner)

    I’ve had many, many shroom caps and these r hands down the best. The combination of magic with regular shrooms is amazing and helps with a variety of health issues. Price and service can’t be beat. Thanks

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