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Shrooms Milk Chocolate with Active Psilocybin

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Shrooms Co chocolates are made from 100% milk chocolate and active Psilocybin. Our unique
blend of chocolate and Psilocybin makes for the most delicious edible. By mixing Psilocybin and
Milk Chocolate, we are able to give you a heightened awareness and enlightenment that will
leave your tastebuds satisfied.
After 10-30 minutes of consuming our Milk Chocolate edible, you will experience your state
improve with happiness and enthusiasm. Depending on the dosage you will encounter
moderate to strong visual intensifications. Things may seem like they are becoming more
conscious, the earth around you will appear lively and you will find yourself in reflective
contemplation. You may also relate to nature or yourself on a better level.
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Shrooms Milk Chocolate 

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Shrooms Milk Chocolate with Active Psilocybin is produced using 100% milk chocolate and dynamic Psilocybin. You can use this Shrooms Milk Chocolate to get the amazing benefits of mushroom along with a great taste.

Our mix of Chocolate with Active Psilocybin makes for the most delightful taste. By blending Psilocybin and our unique chocolate formula, we can uplift mindfulness and enlightenment that will leave your taste buds fulfilled. 

Following 10-30 minutes of devouring our Shrooms Milk Chocolate edible, you will encounter an improvement to your bliss and happiness.  Contingent upon the measurements, you will experience moderate to solid visual escalations. Things may appear as though they are getting more cognizant, the earth around you will show up energetic, and you will end up in the thoughtful examination. You may likewise identify with nature or yourself on a superior level.

Dosage Of Shrooms Milk Chocolate

Now talking about the amount we should intake of this Shrooms Milk Chocolate. If you are new, start taking little doses until and unless your body doesn’t develop the habit of this product. Portions (500 mg – 1000 mg) should give you an outing that endures 2-4 hours, and a higher proportion of 2000 mg should give you an excursion that keeps going 3-6 hours.


Note that because of the warm climate, edibles may soften during delivery. Sadly, we can’t control this, so please buy our edibles at your hazard. We don’t discount for edibles, so please watch for following with the goal that they don’t soften anything else than should be expected. Store these out of the range of minors and pets, and for most significant life span, keep them fresh and away from daylight. If you follow the given conditions for this mushroom milk chocolate, you will surely get the maximum benefits of this product.

Important note: Psilocin inside magic mushrooms – the principle psychoactive fixing – rapidly separates when uncovered high temperatures, so ensure your mushrooms are never positioned in any excessively hot temperature. 

Effects of using psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are non-addictive and, are used for many therapeutic reasons. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a part of the Center for Disease Control, evaluated Psilocybin less poisonous than ibuprofen. When Psilocybin is eaten, it is separated to deliver psilocin, which is known for the psycho impacts. 


Chocolate Options

1 x 1000 mg pieces, 2 x 1000 mg pieces

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  1. pat L

    yummmmmm i love milk chocolate and shrooms together!! I tried this and all my friends wanted more. we started laughing and tripping out after hahahaha

  2. zortilo nrel

    Really superb info can be found on blog.

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