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Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

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Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms are unique from a lot of strains because they originate from America, particularly Southern America. They are called Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms because Hillbillies who drank Moonshine from Arkansas would consume this Magic Mushroom strain. Soon after it started growing popularity from surrounding societies.  They were known to be a popular experience for all people in the South, regardless of social class, eventually growing widespread all over the world.


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Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms are an excellent strain of magic mushrooms. They possess the ability to cultivate in all continents of the world. They are a universal strain, which is moderately strong; therefore, making them the perfect option for both new and experienced mushroom connoisseurs. For users looking for a great and fulfilled time on magic mushrooms, then this strain is one of the best options for you.

Characteristics of the Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms
These magic mushrooms are characterised as having a smooth and slightly shallow cap. They possess a range of colours, including orange, white and brown. It is common to see the middle of the mushroom be orange in colour, with white edges. For those who are sensitive to the taste and texture of magic mushrooms, then this might not be the most comfortable strain for you because the stalk is dry and wrinkled. We suggest grinding the mushroom and making it a tea, or you can check out our drinks section for a variety of shroom teas which are easier way to take magic mushrooms.

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2 reviews for Hillbilly Cubensis Magic Mushrooms

  1. kim

    I really liked these. I’ve never tried them before nor have I seen them from different sites. but wow these are so cool and definitely fresh!

  2. shawn

    what can i say? THESE WERE LIT!! totally buying again.

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