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Amazonian Magic Mushroom are known as one of the strongest magic mushroom strains. They contain a higher than usual content of active psilocybin and psilocin, which is the 2 main compounds found in Magic Mushrooms. Due to their high content of psilocybin and psilocin, users generally experience a trip with strong visuals, as well as enhanced auditory effects.

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Buy Amazonian Magic Mushrooms in Canada

The Amazonian magic mushroom originated from the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forests. A prevalent ritual between the Brazilian Amazonian Natives was consuming these magic mushrooms. This ritual continues today between the Native tribes within the Brazilian Amazon. The famous routine of consuming Amazonian mushrooms grew widespread and made its way to the rest of Brazil, Latin America and eventually Mexico and the United States.

Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are a strain of mushrooms that give rise to psychedelic and hallucinogenic visuals. The Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are traditionally found in rich soils and under dense forest canopies. 

The Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are a unique strain because of their distinguishable physical characteristics. When they grow, they have a have fleshy white stems and a brownish cap. After they are harvested, the mushrooms change in colour. They start to develop blue colouring on the stems, similar to the strain Blue Meanies.

The Strength

They are known as an extremely potent magic mushroom strain, because of their high content of the compounds Psilocybin and Psilocin. This can be seen in the blue colouring of the stems. Magic Mushrooms with blue colouring in the stems has a direct correlation to the potency, as this depicts their Psilocybin and Psilocin content.

The Effects of Amazonian Magic Mushrooms

The effects of the Amazonian Magic Mushrooms are quite profound due to their high content of psilocin and psilocybin. Psychedelic effects are generally experienced while taking a moderate dose of Amazonian Magic Mushrooms, while a higher dose produces strong hallucinations. 

Consuming a dose of Amazon Magic Mushrooms may produce: 

  • Strong excitement and euphoria
  • Increased creativity 
  • Enhanced senses
  • The very strong body high
  • Intense feelings of wonder and mystical experience

It is suggested to be conservative on your first dosage. Depending on the intensity of your trip, the following amount is suggested:

  • Extreme trip: 5+ grams 
  • Strong trip: 2.5-5 grams
  • Moderate trip: 1-2.5 grams
  • Light trip: 0.25 grams (250 MG) -1 gram
  • Microdose: 0.150 grams (150 MG)

When experiencing magic mushrooms of any kind, being in a safe environment is absolutely essential. Novice users should always take low dosages at first. After 2 hours after your first dose, you can consume more if you wish to have a stronger high.  

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  1. rob

    This was a great product. i really enjoyed how it made me feel and i got super trippy high.

  2. eat_me_pls (verified owner)

    These mushrooms were cured perfectly, they gave such a clean and potent high, great vibes, great body buzz as well as popping and trippy visuals. There is a lot of good things to be said about the growers and over all staff of this site. fantastic stuff, thank you for selling such an amazing product. <3

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