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Albino Avery


Albino Avery Magic Mushrooms are one of the most rare and unique looking strains out on the market. They possess a ghostly white appearance of their caps and stems, the reason for which they are called “Albino”. They are known to produce one of the most potent highs, as even the most experienced magic mushroom consumers state that their effects are extremely long lasting with an intense and quick come up. It is not unusual for users to experience effects of visualizations and euphoria within 10-30 minutes of consuming.


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Albino Avery magic mushrooms are a truly impressive strain, since they are white in color, and lack pigmentation. This is a unique trait, since most magic mushrooms possess some sort of pigmentation. Thus, their lack of color and strong white appearance is the reason in which they are labelled “Albino”. This ghostly white coloration is a result of a mutation that specifically affects certain strains, called Leucism.

Albino Avery mushrooms are notorious for their strong potency, which can affect users both mentally and visually. Many people have experienced strong effects from these shrooms, in which their onset is usually very fast (10-30 minutes). The effects of these shrooms are also longer-lasting than most shrooms.

These shrooms are guaranteed to provide spiritual and visual effects. We suggest these for all users, experienced and new.

For dosage, 0.5-1g is recommended for beginners who wish to have a shorter duration of effects. 1-3 grams is recommended for a longer duration. For experienced users, we suggest 3+ grams for a strong effect. Please be aware that Albino Avery’s are an extremely potent strain!


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